Press release

The third solo exhibition of Du Kun "Pulse" will be held at Mizuma & One Gallery of Beijing 798 Art-Zone on June 8. The exhibition theme "Pulse" is a term of diagnostics of traditional Chinese medical science, which means tracings of the movement of blood. Pulse is closely associated with viscera, qi and blood. For instance, the change of function of the heart hosting blood vessels will all lead to variation of pulse condition. Therefore, different pulse condition may reflect physiological and pathological change of viscera, qi and blood. The artist borrows term of traditional Chinese medical science to allude to current society. The pulse conditions in his paintings are also a miniature of society. The entire body is made up of numerous individuals, which are interlinked through blood vessels. Once an individual is injured, the whole body will have problem. However, in current society, a lot of individuals are harmed directly or indirectly by others while the whole society (body) does not give corresponding reflection. So the artist believes that such kind of society has been in a abnormal state and ask for introspection from people of conscience.

Five pieces of oil paintings and four pieces of drawings by Du Kun in the past 2 years will be shown. Du Kun, whose aesthetics is influenced by Poland artist Zdzislaw Beksinski, still continues his visual effect of Gothic. Besides Clockwise, Amber and Rootless Forest, his work Wordless Memorial Tablet adopts 3D oil painting skill, which requires viewers to wear 3D glasses to appreciate.