Press release

Carnival-Hei Qiao Artist Community (Ⅰ)

Mizuma & One Gallery invites thirty artists to participate in its 2012 end-of-the-year project "Carnival - Heiqiao Artist Community." The majority of these artists live and work in Heiqiao Artist Community, while several others have planned to move to Heiqiao from elsewhere. Geographically, Heiqiao is only 6 kilometers from 798, but Heqiao, as a place gathering young artists, has been much obscured by the better-known Cao Chang Di artist community and Huan Tie community. Simply put, this is so because Heqiao lacks an international presence of numerous commercial galleries, as Cao Chang Di has, and also because Heqiao is yet to develop a concentration of fully-functional studios.
As the theme of this show, "Carnival" is an important term of literary theory and cultural studies, originated from Bakhtine's notion of carnival poetics. As everyone independently presents his or her individuality, they join the scene of collective carnival, which is polyvocal. The key of carnival lies in the release of collective spirit, which gives rise to a collective mind and their behaviors. Named as "carnival," this show is aimed to provide a space for the idiosyncrasy of each artist, and meanwhile to portray them as a whole group from a unique geographic area.