Press release

Mizuma & One Gallery is proud to announce ZHENG Jiang's first solo exhibition "Phenobarbital" on Oct. 27th, 2012.

Phenobarbital is commonly called "Sleeping Pill", which indications include calmness, hypnosis, anticonvulsion and anti-epileptic. In this exhibition, ZHENG Jiang continue to use the begonia patterned glass element into his works: The images being seen through begonia pattern glass are vague. The fraction of light makes the outline of objects showing a gradually scattered state, presents mottled and blurred color and a gorgeous and dispersed feeling. Unlike previous works, he slowly focused at inner needs instead of recording surrounding objects and previous memories this time. From 2007, ZHENG Jiang was troubled by insomnia, from "Insomnia" to "Peaceful Sleep", more and more, his work is like a way of pursuing self-healing. He says "This working way of measuring time everyday is more like medication to me. It makes me keep calm while facing anxiety."

ZHENG Jiang thinks these insomnia symptoms also apply to our society and environment. "Mental anxiety and agitation corresponds to hyperfunction of our organs; the lost of traditional culture and bewilderment of current state corresponds to various society pylorospasm; people shows continuous epilepsia state under high survival pressure...These social phenomenon all correspond to indications of Phenobarbital." The way of depicting these new artworks is different from sketching two year ago, but using a more abstract expression language, to form changeable and bright-colored blocks. ZHENG Jiang hoped through take a new look of images close to every individual to think profoundly the condition of our current society and mentality.