Press release

Mizuma One is proud to announce the opening of ZHAO Na's second solo show "Sleeping Forest" on September 15, 2012. The works included in this show are the result of ZHAO Na's efforts in the past year, in which she continued her unique style of meticulousness, with refined touches and pristine images. Regarding the use of medium and material, though, ZHAO has taken innovative moves from paper to canvass and from the black-vs.-white grayness of pencils to colorful expressions.

The show revolves around the theme of forest, in which the animals are in sound sleep. However, lurking in this quiet environment are dangers here and there: caterpillars with poisonous stings could harm the sleeping small animals at any time; sharks are threatening to swallow up the woods; mobilized by the octopus, man-eating fishes with sharp teeth are dancing around cheerfully, as if they were ready to attack the lovely forest-dwellers. As ZHAO Na said, this reflects the reality of our everyday life, in which risks are hidden from our view. It is often during our sweet dreams that quietude is suddenly broken. As records of her sense and sensibility about the world and life, these works document ZHAO's continued spiritual journey.