Press release

Mizuma & One Gallery is proud to announce LI Mingzhu's solo show - 看嘛?(What Are You Looking At?) - starting on June 2, 2012 in Cao Chang Di, Beijing. The term "看嘛" is a Tianjin vernacular expression, meaning a sense of concern and watchfulness. Rapid economic development has engendered dramatic changes in our life, bringing comfort and convenience, as well as potential dangers, of which we should remain more vigilant than ever.

The show features paintings as well as sculptures. As the major themes of the paintings, noble ladies, grasshoppers, and meat, unrelated as they may seem, are juxtaposed in the same space. The same is true of our living environments, where unrelated things are bundled together in the name of rapid developmental purposes. Moreover, the images are finished with clean and simple touches, with the human figures appearing delicate and beaming, while the grasshoppers and meat are also depicted in elegant and light colors. Overall, the images are balanced and beautiful, with plenty of blank space triggering imagination. In contrast with the accelerating and stressful tempo of everyday life, such serenity is something the artist aspires to, just like we all long for a relaxed and slow-paced living.

Also on show are surveillance video cameras made of cloisonné, with exquisite patterns and vivid colors. In our everyday life, there are also more and more surveillance devices, which have our surroundings somehow safer. However, our behaviors are also being monitored and restricted. It is an inevitable issue as to how to balance its pros and cons.