Press release

Mizuma & One Gallery is proud to present DU Kun's solo show "HIS Kingdom" to be opened on July 23, 2011.

In this show, DU Kun continues to reveal what he imagined to be the end-of-the-world scenarios. Burning fires, suffocating smokes, collapsed buildings, and damaged cars have occupied much space of the images, depicting surreal and ominous scenes. His works have the power to strike the viewers, at the bottom of heart, with overwhelming visual impacts.

Under the gloomy skies, the buildings stand in deadly silence, but the towers are lit like candles, their peaks giving off light of glimmering hope. At the end of the world, with cities ruined and dark smokes everywhere, the soul would go to either heaven or hell. As unequivocally dealt with in DU Kun's works, death is the ultimate question that each human creature has to face. But we cannot know for sure where the soul would go in the end. The fuzzy notion of "HIS Kingdom" is a self-posed question that we all have to pursue deep inside our soul. Who is HE? We cannot help but seeking the answer on our own.