Press release

Dai Chao: "Mr.Curiosity"

The works included in the show are the continuation of DAI's style, which depicts a beautiful and intriguing world with nuances of emotion-loaded colors. DAI's style grasps what he takes to be the essence of natural sceneries, as well as selection of his memories, so that viewers cannot help but want to probe into the artwork. Repeatedly showing up in the works, the images of little red rabbits are depicted as flying in the skies, roaming in woods, looking into unknown horizon, or seeking in illusions. But the beautiful cannot exist forever; one day it will disappear, fading into memories. As such, the little rabbits in DAI's artwork are often melancholy in a way.

DAI Chao said, when he looked at these little rabbits, he seemed to become one of them, "able to go anywhere, any scenery that takes its shape in a dreamy world" - isn't that true, too, for viewers who may see themselves in the paintings as they stand in front of works? Born in 1985, DAI Chao keeps examining life critically, and conveys an existential state common to the generation born in the 80s. Due to a sense of superiority about their living conditions, this generation tends to long for a perfect self-world, whereas in reality their life is full of quagmires. It is therefore a serious test for them to reclaim the lost sense of orientation. DAI Chao attempts to press the viewers for an answer by self-reflection through the works.