Press release


YAMAMOTO Masao is one of the most internationally influential Japanese photographers. He was born in 1957 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Yamamoto initially studied oil painting, but he began to enter the world of photography in the 1980s. He is world-famous for his small-scale photographs and he attempts to give each photograph a life of its own. He blurs the line between photography and oil painting; sometimes he paints on the photographs, stains them with dye or tea, or tears them. He often photographs subjects such as still lifes, the human body, and landscapes. He has even produced installations, using small photographs to show how each fragment composes part of much larger reality.

Yamamoto's meditative life and work are permeated by a uniquely Eastern philosophical and aesthetic air. Although he has had many exhibitions all over the world since his rise to fame, he still lives a peaceful life at the base of Mount Fuji.

This exhibition of Masao Yamamoto's work features the everyday details of his life and mountainous landscapes; they are fragments of real life. They express an "emptiness" that transcends time and meaning. The works exhibited will penetrate the concepts of "emptiness" and "nothing."