DAI Chao is a leading artist who just graduated from China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. I discovered his art talents through his graduation works. He has produced a great deal of colorful and mature works with deft oil painting techniques, and the image of "little rabbit" runs through all of them. The delicate images convey a sense of anxiety towards the future of human society as well as a sense of juvenile solitude about reality, whereas these images only exist in imaginary sceneries as magic and poetic representations. I noticed that DAI Chao's little rabbit, unlike a popular image in a normal sense, stands out like a sober fortunate teller of our times, without saying a word, against the vast nightly twilight. Hence I discovered his talents. Recently, I felt that he has been experimenting with various approaches, and the styles of his works have been gradually evolving. If he continues to explore the spirit and poetics that were manifested in his graduation works, he is bound to stir the art world with his great aptitude.

Art Director