Press release

Born to be Wild

Mizuma & One Gallery (Cao Chang Di Village, Beijing) is proud to announce to unveil the show "Born to be Wild" on July 4 2009, a solo exhibit featuring Japanese female artist KIMURA Ryoko.

Born in Kyoto in 1971, KIMURA Ryoko graduated a Mural Painting major from the graduate school of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. KIMURA not only diligently produces and publishes art works every year, but is also involved in fine art design for films as well as the production of artifacts for the fans club of the renowned Japanese singer SHIINA Ringo. Last year, KIMURA successfully held her debut international solo exhibit in Taiwan, a great step forward along her career path. She has received increasing acclaims.

KIMURA treats the masculine as the object of artistic appreciation, and undertakes candid depiction of "sexuality" at the focal point of erotic. She blends the techniques of traditional Japanese drawings into her prudent brush strokes, and presents to the viewers the carefree bliss of sexuality and a subtle sense of humor. Her unique mode of expression captures the hearts of many viewers, leaving them with unforgettable and profound impressions.

In the upcoming show titled Born to be Wild, KIMURA Ryoko continues to reveal her consistent interest in idol-like portraits of heroes. Instead of repeating the "princely" images of beautiful young men that she used to depict with such an exquisite and feminine touch, however, KIMURA in this show demonstrates vibrant and sexy portraits of heroes, broad-shouldered and vigorous like the Tarzan, echoing the sense of "Wild" as in the title of the show.

Regarding Beijing as a center of contemporary art for her show, KIMURA adds her own interpretation of the Chinese tradition of "Five Elements." Inspired by the Five Beasts, KIMURA has created her own versions of the Green Dragon (crocodile), White Tiger (tiger), Qilin (giraffe), Red Swallow (kite) and Black Turtle (turtle). Moreover, she has created a series "Admiration of Handsome Men" by combining the figures with the Chinese flowers that represent the four seasons. When viewing her works, you are bound to be immersed in the gallery space that is filled with KIMURA's renderings of a "masculine viewpoint."

What KIMURA Ryoko intends to convey in her show Born to be Wild has nothing to do with the genders of male and female, but rather allows an opportunity for every living human individual to reflect upon the self. Certainly, each man and woman will have their idiosyncratic modes of appreciation, and it is only through experiencing the works through one's own eyes that he or she can savor them to the full.

We at Mizuma & One Gallery, along with many "heroes" of KIMURA, cordially look forward to your visit.

Mizuma & One Gallery

2009年7月4日より北京草場地芸術区にあるミヅマアンドワンギャラリーにて、「目覚めろ!野性 Born to be Wild.」  木村了子 KIMURA Ryoko展を開催いたします。


「目覚めろ! 野性 Born to be Wild.」と題された今回の展覧会では、木村の持ち味であったアイドル的なヒーロー像はそのままに、これまで興味を持ち描いてきた、ゴージャスでフェミニンないわゆる「王子様」としての美少年ではなく、「Wild」の名の通り、野性的でエネルギッシュなたくましい男性像「ターザン」をダイナミックでセクシーに描き出します。