Press release


天欲︱INSTINCT----Japanese Contemporary Art Group Show

Mizuma & One Gallery holds its 2009 debut show, "INSTINCT," displaying the latest works by contemporary Japanese artists KYOTARO, SAKURAI Rieko, TANIGUCHI Natsuko, MIYAKE Genro, and MIYAZAKI Yujiro. The five artists have not only become actively engaged in Japanese art circle, but also paved their way to the international arena of contemporary art.

The end of 2008 witnessed financial crisis plaguing the major countries of the world. Also, it is predicted that the average temperature of the world will rise by 2 ℃ in 50 years from now. By then, the humankind will have to face such critical problems as shortage of food, water and other life-sustaining necessities, and the social as well as ecological systems will suffer disastrous impact. For us, all these may happen in a fleeting moment, within the same age.

As this age proceeds, our innate desires expand and explode, the resulting impacts reaching far beyond the natural world to the divine sphere that is out of human control. This being said, is the crisis of this age willed by God?

The desires of the divine vs. the desires of the human, as well as their relationship to this age, are the chief concern of the five artists out of their best instinct and sensitivity. Their works are much devoted to such a central theme.

We were born into this age, and are fittingly becoming the witnesses of this age.

KYOTARO debuted as a cartoonist and has attracted much attention for her pencil illustrations. The majority of her works are done for the fashion and music industries. Her pencil lines appear extremely vibrant and rhythmic. The viewers may have the illusion that, at any unknown moment, the lines may flee from the images and freeze in the open space. The new work on this show is a sequel of the "Divine Family Series" that she has continuously worked on. It depicts the graceful and colorful "Divine Deer," a deity that allures the viewers into the place where Truth resides in sleep.

SAKURAI Rieko puts much emphasis on the touching of color progression at details of the images. Her works look rather cute at the first glance, but upon being digested carefully, they betray the extravagance of this age's materialism and the viciousness lurking at the innermost heart of humankind. As secret toxin exists in the cute, vision and hope survive in pessimistic feelings. What Sakurai's works depict is exactly such kind of disintegration, incomplete but rather hard for one to give up. In fact, it is only Sakurai who can bring such graceful balance to the contrast between cuteness and viciousness, and at the same time express her ambivalent affections. Her new works on this show have been inspired and motivated by a popular animated movie released last year.

TANIGUCHI Natsuko has been long committed to artistic creation, meticulously and laboriously. With dots of color squeezed from specially made painting tools, drop by drop, piecing them together into the images, she paints with countless dots like that and exquisite colors. "Vomit" is the motif depicted in the new work on this show. Normally regarded as dirty and disgusting, the subject matter through her artful hands presents to the viewers an emerging world of purity and innocence, all the more beautiful, free from want and desire. You are bound to see her work with your own naked eyes, to play on the overflowing colors and infinitesimally-knit images filled with colorful dots as if multiplying themselves and extending limitlessly.

MIYAKE Genro plays on eerie fantasy of quotidian subject matters and magnifies them into the mixture of the quotidian and the non-quotidian. Her depiction speaks to the ksana (fleeting moment), euphoria, disgust, prophecy, allusion, riddles, and the like that exist in the vicious humor of her mind. Antagonistic as they can be, viewers may follow the depiction of her work to escape into the fantasy world of the self. Her work on show is titled "The Trap of Goddess" which is the combination of the fairy Snow White and Buddha Mother under White Canopy. With cellular phones, forbidden fruit and laser mouse in hand, Miyake's goddess possesses a voluptuous and seductive body, and displays her metamorphosis in sound and color.

MIYAZAKI Yujiro in his work displays a variety of elements and themes. The subject matters, as depicted, may appear to be excessive and tend to lack clear interrelationship. The viewer can nevertheless tell his or her unique story by allowing his or her view to follow the subject matters one by one. Moreover, the viewer may start over to tell a new story at each time of viewing the work, and over again. That is just the pleasure of containing so many elements in one work. May the viewer feel like immersing himself or herself in the bath tub, with clothes removed and soul refreshed, floating and flowing with the seasons and timelines Miyazaki portrays. So much is true of his work titled "Four Seasons" - a so-called euphoric painting in the bath.