Press release

On the Opening of Mizuma and One Gallery, Beijing

It is my great pleasure to announce the establishment of Mizuma and One Gallery in the heart of the exciting Caochangdi district of Beijing. The new gallery of contemporary art will be the sister institution of the Mizuma Art Gallery in Tokyo.

The first exhibition to be held at the Mizuma and One Gallery will be titled "Off the Rails" A group show, it will showcase work by the best-known artists from our Tokyo gallery, such as AIDA Makoto, KONOIKE Tomoko, ISO Hirofu, YAMAGUCHI Ai, YAMAGUCHI Akira , KONDOH Akino, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, TANADA Koji, TENMYOUYA Hisashi, MATUSKAGE Hiroyuki and O Jun.

Since opening in Tokyo in 1994, Mizuma Art Gallery has introduced to the world some of the most innovative artists working in Japan and the rest of Asia. Our artists have one thing in common: an original and unique voice that they express honestly in their work rather than mimicking the art world's passing fads. I believe the emergence of talented artists from Asia has already become the defining development in art in the 21st century. Innovative Asian artists have reversed the 20th century trend in which avant-garde art movements originated in Europe and the United States and were emulated around the world. As famously stated by Mao Zedong, I too believe the "East Wind" is prevailing over the "West Wind," and I am convinced the center of this new movement is Beijing. Located in this city, Mizuma and One Gallery will form an important platform from which to launch new Japanese artists onto the international stage, and likewise talented artists from elsewhere, too.

Mizuma and One Gallery is located in a gallery and studio complex designed by Chinese artist and architect Ai Weiwei, who is famous for his work on the so-called "Bird's Nest" Olympic Stadium in Beijing. With an exterior of grey brick, the gallery has an area of roughly 500 square meters and ceilings 6 meters high. Even within Beijing - the undisputed center of contemporary art in Asia - the Caochangdi district houses the most avant-garde galleries and artists' studios. It is a mere 10 minutes' drive from the Dashanzi, or 798, district.

To celebrate the opening of Mizuma and One Gallery an exclusive press and VIP preview of the inaugural exhibition will be held from 4 p.m. on Friday, 25 April. I look forward welcoming you.

Sueo Mizuma
Mizuma and One Gallery